A common thing everyone observe in their daily life

Vibration, a periodic back-and-forth motion of a rigid or elastic body from its position or equilibrium condition. This to and fro motion can be random, like a moving pendulum or periodic, such as a fired bullet.


Free Vibration

Vibrations that usually occurs as sinusoidal. To get it in simpler way; when we gave an initial input to a mechanical object or medium to make it in a motion or swing and let it to vibrate freely.

Forced vibrations

When a mechanical system driven by repeated external disturbances or forces. These disturbances can be random or periodic (harmonic or non-harmonic).

Damping Vibrations

All systems or movements are subjected to frictional forces, and these forces make system energy dissipated which results in continuously and steadily reduce the amplitude of a vibrating system, such forces are known as damping forces. These forces help system to bring back to its equilibrium state.

Free vibrations


We press the button once and it continuously vibrates for a particular time period


Just pull it back and let it move to and fro freely

Forced vibrations


Buildings start vibrating because of external forces

Uneven Roads

Vehicles passing through rough pathways have vibrations due to external forces

Damping Vibrations

Bridge suspensions

                                Reducing the impact of load or traffic

Vibration pads

Absorbs most of the vibration or forces created by equipment

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