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Capability to deliver services via Turnkey, Task Based or Time and Material models

RF Planning and Optimization

Initial dimensioning of the radio network

CW Propagation model tuning

Site survey and candidate identification

Coverage and capacity planning

Frequency and Strategy planning

Interference analysis

Parameter planning

Single site verification and pre‐launch optimization

Network Performance

Provide Subscriber perception of Quality service

QoS reports for Senior Management

Drive test & Performance data control

Independent benchmarking of vendor equipment

Continuous/repetitive monitoring to highlight slow degradation of network quality

Provision of engineering data for further analysis

In-building Planning And Optimization

Planning for RF distribution network

Cable route survey and walk test

Post Installation walk test

Recommendation on BSS parameters

Walk Test for Floors with recommendation

Optimization of In building network with respect to outdoor Network

Network Managed Services

Continuous Network Monitoring

KPI monitoring and maintaining

Strategizing the network growth providing efficient methods

Capacity Trend Analysis

DT and OSS KPI Monitoring

New Feature Testing

Leading Service Provider in Tower Maintenance and Installation