Wireless Modbus Sensors TCP/IP / Condition Monitoring

Wireless Modbus Sensors & Condition Monitoring – The Best of 2 Worlds !! Combining Phantom Wireless Sensors with an Industry Standard such as Modbus!!

Erbessd Phantom Wireless Sensors include now Modbus TCP/IP which is a widely known and used universal communication protocol for industrial applications. Thus, making them compatible with any PLC, Scada system or any other Modbus TCP/IP communicating software.

Modbus Sensors Available

A big variety of sensors are available for immediate installation such as:

  • Temperature
  • Vibration
  • Current / Power
  • Speed
  • General purpose such as
    • Pressure
    • Liquid Level
    • Phase Meter
    • 4-20 mA sensors

Why Wireless Modbus TCP/IP?

Modbus is a very easy to learn protocol and also a widely accepted communication standard. Additionally, it is an open source protocol which makes thousands of API’s to be available in the internet for every single programming language. Modbus is very easy to use and to integrate in any existing network.

On the other hand, Modbus over TCP/IP is very reliable, meaning it does not need to be set in network. Any master will know when a slave has been disconnected.

Applications for Wireless Modbus TCP/IP

You can use Phantom Wireless Sensors Modbus in so many industrial applications. Just to mention a few:

  • Scada systems for control automation
  • PLC for machinery control and protection
  • ERP software such as SAP
  • Integration with self-designed applications with free APIs
  • Connecting wireless sensors for super big distances (kilometers) using the cloud.