Digivibe Wireless Vibration Analyzer and Data Collector is replacing analyzers all over the world. Its easy connectivity and fast data collection timings make it the most convenient solution for vibration analysis nowadays.

3 Versions:

Digivibe M30:

Vibration Analyzer + Portable Balancer: Features all the capability available in Digivibe. Including 3D ODS simulations, Balancing ETC.

Download: DIGIVIBE M30 Catalog

Digivibe M20:

Vibration Analyzer: Includes all vibration analysis functions like Routes, ODS, FFT, Bearing and Gearbox analysis.

Download: DIGIVIBE M20 Catalog

Digivibe M10:

Portable Balancer: Includes all Balancing functions + basic Vibration Analysis functions like FFT, Time Wave Form, Harmonics ETC.

Download: DIGIVIBE M10 Catalog