Route Based Vibration Data Collection– Collection of data of Rotating Machinery on roadMonthly/Quarterly Basis.

Field Balancing:  of Rotors at your plant on-call basis or whenever required.

  • Bearing failureWear and Lubrication faults
  • Phase Analysis Unbalance, Misalignment, Bent Shaft, Cocked Bearings
  • Time WaveformsWorn/Damaged Gear Teeth
  • ResonanceBump Tests
  • Critical SpeedRun Up, Cost down
  • LoosenessStructural, Internal and External
  • Drive BeltsWear & Misalignment
  • Gear Boxes Gears and Bearing faults
  • ElectricalAC & DC Motors Electrical Supply Faults

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Our Expert Vibration Analysis identifies the following critical problems of your rotors