Vibration Analyzer – DSP Logger Expert

The DSP Logger Expert is a data collector. multichannel, FFT Analyzer made for Predictive Maintenance and machine diagnostics.
The instrument can measure, process, show and store a wide variety of analysis modes. It can work as standalone or you can download the measurements your PC via its software.

Customers in Latin America already have been relying on the cost/benefit relationship of these units for over 30 years, as well as 700 units of it’s predecessor, the DSP Logger MX300.

This new unit has a 640 x 480 resolution screen, 5″ color display and High Contrast, to better handle direct sun light, It also has a sturdy keyboard with easy to find keys and four dedicated function keys in each mode of operation.

DSP Compact WRM

The DSP Compact Wireless Remote Monitor (WRM) system is an eightchannel unit used to analyze and control machinery condition caused by vibrations and other variables. It is a 24/7 controlling device that can communicate via the commonly used 802.11b/g industrial wireless network.

Each of its eight channels can measure: acceleration, velocity, displacement and envelope. It also has two AC channels and two channels dedicated to measure temperature or any input that conforms 4-20mA.

Data can be stored in the WRM memory or transmitted to the host machine analysis and follow-up software. This software includes an alarm system, which activates the digital alerts or relays, besides providing continuous warnings on the host PC screen.

DSP Multilog Analyzer

The DSP Multilog Analyzer is a very useful and versatile hardware designed to meet the needs of vibration analysts and service providers and to monitor machine conditions.
The DSP Machinery Control software provides a complete, timely and portable solution for the resolution of problems in facilities.
The DSP Portable Analyzer is a system that helps detecting and preventing failures at an early stage. It also helps to correct imminent failures and provides warnings for maintenance to improve the machine performance.

General Description

The DSP Multilog is battery powered for six hours in continuous operation. The system may be run even in an existing LAN network together with other computers, printers, servers, etc. or through Internet. The hardware has an auto-diagnostic system that continuously tests sensors, wiring and the electronics to find any failure or interruption in the connectivity or energy outage.

Vibration Meter – VIBPRO

The Pocket VibPro Vibration Meter is the most reliable, and affordable vibration screening device available for frontline mechanical troubleshooting teams that need repeatable, severity-scaled readings of overall vibration and bearing condition.

Consistent data quality at both low and high frequency ranges Color scale indicates severity of problems for overall vibration and bearing condition Use your existing Microsoft® Excel built-in templates for trending. Save money on software

Overall vibration measurement (0.5 Hz to 20 kHz) for acceleration, (0.5 Hz to 2,000 Hz) velocity and
displacement units of measurements for a wide variety of machines RMS, 0-Peak, Peak to Peak and Crest Factor measurements.

On-board memory holds up to 25,000 measurements Audio output for listening to bearing tones directly
Large screen with high resolution for easy navigation and viewing (3.5” LCD display)

Vibration Monitors

Vibration Transmitter MC-2RD:

General Specifications:

The MC-2RD has 4 different measurement versions for different applications.

RMS velocity version or 0-peak. It controls the vibration level related with mounting, misalignment, imbalance problems, as well as any fault in white metal bearings.

RMS acceleration version or 0-peak. It controls the vibration level related with lubrication, cavitation problems and small or severe bearing faults.

The MC-2RD is the newest and low-cost vibration measurement solution for On-line monitoring of critical rotating machinery. This monitor controls the vibration levels of any kind of rotating machinery, no matter its power, protecting the machinery from any vibration variation.

The module MC-2RD is easy to install because of it´s housing in an electrical panel just by a Din rail. The signal from the transmitter MC-2RD is converted to give a 4-20mA output signal; this is achieved by means of a simple connection with a sensor mounted on the machinery and another connection from the 4-20mA output to an analog PLC input.

DSP Logger- Test I Go

The Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA)

“Test I go” performs functions for predictive maintenance
programs. It identifies possible power circuit problems that degrade motor health,  examines overall motor power conditions, monitors the load and observes motor performance plus estimating energy savings.

AVV-711 Wireless Laser Alignment System

AVV711 comes in a compact size with a vast range of functions. These include:

“Keyless” data entry – simply turn the shaft by at least 45 degrees and the device will automatically register between 3 to 35 data points

High precision two-axis measurement system allows alignment in two planes simultaneously (e.g. horizontal and vertical) with real-time data updates

Hassle free rough alignment – virtually boundless sensor with on-the-go beam adjustment option

Robust data management – you can stop the measurement session at any point, turn off the device, and return to it at a later time

Print a report via the database software on your PC or save it directly into a .pdf file on the device

We also offer a wide range of optional features and fixtures to fit your needs. And, last but not least, all of these come at an unbeatable price!

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